Are You A Black Woman Looking For A New Business to Start? Consider These Opportunities

By: Laura Jonson

If you cannot find a job of your dream–create it. Nobody is saying it is easy, but what if your business was based on either something you know how to do, or something that you can start in your house? Here are nine ideas around what you may to do start your own business, don’t forget that getting help from

is very crucial. You do not have to use these ideas, but you should allow them to open your mind to the possibilities that exist around you.

1.Start A Daycare In Your Home For Black Children

Some parents may like the idea of their kids being taken care of by people of their own race. You do not have to offer a service that expresses any racial leaning, you simply reassure black parents that their child will be taken care of by a person of their own race.

You may recoil in fear at this idea because you figure that there must be lots of permits, licenses, checks and paperwork, but it is not as difficult as it sounds. Many states allow you to look after between five and twelve children after a few checks, where you are looked upon more like a freelance babysitter. It is a good place to start, or you can rent a small place and get a full license so you may employ people and take in more kids.

2. Use Your Graphic Design Skills Online And Offline

There are still people that need graphic designers. If you have the skills, then they will pay the bills. If you are a willing amateur, then brush up on your skills a little and create a portfolio of your work. Tell your clients that you are a willing amateur and charge them a reasonable rate (considering your skills). You should then get testimonials so that as you improve you may ask other people for higher rates of pay.

3. Start A YouTube Show Featuring Yourself And Your Black Female Friends

There are plenty of people doing this and some of them are actually doing rather well. Black women are not a minority on YouTube. In fact, there are more shows directed by black women on YouTube than there are directed by black men. google provides extensive features for the safety and sanity of web users by promoting the Google deindex option to block pages/sites temporarily. If you get enough followers and viewers, then you can earn a little affiliate advertising money. The more popular you become, then the more you make. For example, you could start your own cookery show or relationship show.

4.Landscaping And Horticulturalist

Do you seem to be able to make things come alive with just your hands? Do you mind getting sweaty in the garden? You can specialize in certain plants or trees, you can do the hard labor, specific garden care (such as lawn care), or general garden care. It is good for people that like the outdoors and plant life, and it is a great way of hiring some really muscle-bound gardening staff later down the line so you can share the work in the garden with them.

5. Provide Writing services

I used to write essays for my sister and after a while she started asking if I would do her friend’s essays too. Eventually I started AssignmentMasters, and now I have teams of academic experts write essays for other people whilst I manage the business from my 500sq foot office. I used to work on essays that I knew things about, but now I have staff that are qualified in almost every academic subject.

Fun Fact: Maya Angelou was a famous author and educator. She felt she could make a go of it in the fictional and educational writing game and turned out to be very successful.

6.Photography and/or Photo Editing

When you are behind the camera, it doesn’t matter what sex, color, height, religion or ethnicity you are. There are plenty of women that take up photography, but if you want to make money from it, then learn how to do it properly. There is a massive amount of learning that goes into taking photographs if you want to take truly stunning and high quality shots that people will pay for. There is also a lot of fertile ground in photo editing. There are plenty of free professional photo editing programs you can use, and they may take a lot of learning, but if you have an eye for detail, then you can do some amazing things through photo editing.

Fun Fact:Sometimes, doing what you love leads you closer to a good job, a good business, and wealth. For example, Folorunsho Alakija has always been interested in clothes and fashion, a now she is worth $1.9 billion because she stuck with it.

7. Become A Programmer

Any type of programmer is good because they are always in demand. There are also very few black female programmers, so you could set a good example for other young women.

The most popular programming demands are those for apps. There are even private citizens that are willing to pay for an app that does this or that on their mobile device. If you know a little about programming, then refresh your memory. Or, you can learn it from scratch with the website.

8.Teach People A Musical Instrument

There is no point in letting this little skill go to waste. If you know how to play a musical instrument, then you can teach other people how to play for a profit. Do it for a while to get a few regular clients and then turn it into your business.

Fun Fact: Did you know that Condoleezza Rice, the ex-secretary of state was and still is a keen pianist? She can still fall back on that and start teaching if she loses all her millions of dollars.

9.Become A Web Programmer Or Developer

There are certainly more black female web developers than there are web programmers, and there are more female black web programmers than there are regular programmers. However, the field still seems rather short of black women, and just like with a programming job, you could set a good example for young women.

Even if you do not know how to do it, or your skills have dimmed over time, there is no reason why you cannot learn it. There are lessons online for web development that you can use today. There are still people that need web developers and programmers, even though there are free content management systems on the Internet. There are also companies and individuals looking for people that are good at SEO (Search Engine Optimization), so you could learn about that too.


About the Author: Laura Johnson is a creative writer. Her most happiness is her work that used to be her hobby. She is a writer for educational resource AssignmentMasters. In the future she is going to launch her own blog dedicated to creative writing.

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