Black Women Lead All Groups in College Enrollment

If you were to go out on the street and survey 20 random people and ask them to list statistical categories in which black women lead, you would most likely hear answers ranging from black women leading in categories such as teen pregnancies and high school drop outs. What you probably wouldn’t hear is a respondents mention that when it comes to education, black women lead all groups in overall college enrollment.

The popular TV series and filmmaker Janks Morton, the producer of the Black and Married With Kids made a bold move in an episode of, Truths You Won’t Believe, where he shared a few truths about black women that are often not reported or talked about.

According to the his findings, which are supported by info from the 2011 US census bureau(the most recent census), half of all Black women between 18-24 of age are pursuing higher education degrees, and in addition to doing this they are also beating all other groups no matter race or gender in regards to college enrollment. Among these women are our future doctors, lawyers,educators,social workers,custom essay writers, accountants, teachers, etc.

The latest statistics

With these finding, why does the Stereotype of black women being lazy and uneducated continues to persist?

While more African American women continue to obtain degrees, the mainstream media continues to ignore our valuable achievements and stills views black women in a one dimensional way. Back in the 1990s only 11.3% of African Americans had bachelor degrees[1]. Now, the number has grown up to 19.6%.

African American women contribute greatly to society yet we are not respected as much as we should be. Statistics such as the ones mentioned should be being reported so people can know what we know already , which is that we are not lazy and uneducated as most may assume we are. Sadly those in the media who have the power to report on such information will not do so and as a result we will continue to be be unfairly categorized based on false generalizations.

What many people, especially young people think of when they picture black women are the images, videos, and stories of black girls causing  fights, scuffing, arguing, dropping out of high school and getting pregnant. These false reports plant seeds into young women’s heads that they are not worth anything. This is despite that fact that over 50.46% of black women between the ages of 18 to 24 [1] are currently enrolled in degree programs in colleges and universities.

Reviewing all of this information begs the questions:

Why are black woman generally viewed as lazy and uneducated despite our educational accomplishments and why don’t more people know about the strides we are making in education? Please share your thoughts in the comment section below.




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