Love Thy Neighbor

Written By: Alexis Ditaway

Since when did being a girl become such a competition?

Society seems to have made everything related to being a female a contest. From careers, to who is dating who, to fashion, body image and everything in between. We have turned “being the best you that you can be”, into “just be better than her”. Girls, especially black girls, are now constantly tearing each other down all for the sake of making themselves feel and seem better.

Yet, have we all forgotten what support truly feels like? Having people who look like you truly support you only strives you to be better, and in turn inspires others to do the same. Seeing another black girl be great and shine should inspire you to shine as well. Knowing that it IS possible to be brown-faced, bold, and brilliant should be something you spread and support, not tear down. In a world where the odds are already stacked against us, we cannot fully thrive and be against ourselves.

We all want to be great in a world that will do anything to try to stop us. When one of us prospers, it reminds us that we ALL can prosper. One black girl breaking down a door means she is holding it open for the rest of us to come through. We survive and thrive off each other. Rather than tearing each other down, we should build connections with each other that can further help ourselves.

So the next time you see a black girl doing something great, whether it be achievements, being acknowledged, makes big moves, or even something as simply as being herself, support her. A simple “I see you, Queen.” can go so far. We, as black girls, must support each other, because in the world where the odds are not in our favor, we are all that we’ve got. Be a Queen, and acknowledge your fellows Queens on their their paths to conquering the world.

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Antonia Martin
2 years 7 months ago

This is so true! I wish that we as women saw that anything that Gos has for us was made specifically for us and that being in competition and being jealous is just another way of the world but being our personal best is the biggest part of what God has for us. With that the support and love that we were all missing can be delivered by our neighbors if we do it his way! Great post!!

2 years 1 month ago

Thank you for this article. We should support each other more. We have a lot to offer the world and we should support the difference that make it up. Women who bring their unique strengths can uplift and encourage other women to do the same. We don’t need to compete when all of us has something special about us. Something that makes us stand out it is also something that others can learn from.

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