Open Letter To Black Girls

By: Niyah Brooks

You saw a problem, and chose to be the solution. You organized. You fought. You wore the tee-shirts. You carried the signs. You felt the rage. You saw the pain. You marched. Yes, you marched, and you looked good doing it. While it doesn’t matter how you look because you are a queen in every sense no matter your physical appearance, but …. Girl, you looked good doing it. You educated your homies. You got into some Twitter fights with those who didn’t see your vision. You educated yourself. Damn. It is still a problem, and you feel that there will never be a resolution. You want to organize, but you are tired. How many signs will you have to carry? How long will you feel the rage?

How many times will be have to shut this street down? Why do you feel like you’re the only one who feels the pain? You don’t feel good, but thank God you don’t look the way you currently feel. You no longer romanticize the idea of being a queen, but you see your worth. You don’t need a crown or a title to measure all that you are. You just want to touch the people. You want to make a difference. You’re still telling your homies to get out and vote. You’re still inviting them to rallies. You hope they see your vision. It feels like the more you educate yourself, the heavier the weight feels. The more names you learn … another hashtag? Same ol’ shit, different city. You are tired.

For Black girls who have considered giving up, when the movement got too tough …. DON’T! You are made of everything that is good. You will be the change. Find someone with your fight, with your drive, who sees the problem. Create a solution. Organize. March. I promise you will look good doing it. Educate everyone around you. If you get into a Twitter fight with someone who doesn’t see your vision, you will have all the facts to support your claims and a few rallies you can redirect your opponent to. Make sure all your homies are registered to vote, encourage them to know who their local leaders are. Learn the names. Share the stories. These lives are worth so much more than a hashtag. You will make sure the world knows that.

You spent so much time fighting for the justice of others, sometimes you wonder who is gonna fight for you. To all the Black girls, the movement will continue to be tough, but you can not and you will not give up.

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